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Toy aussies for sale who like to chase geese

Our last fall litter is here for 2017.  Sunny and Kevlar welcomed three little ones.   We have two puppies out of this litter available.  Both pups are extremely well marked.  Pebbles is a blue merle female and Bam Bam is a red merle male.  These pups will go fast so do not hesitate to contact me.  (270) 485-3164 text or call.  BamBam is a red merle male toy aussie and  is available.

All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"

marlowin aussies


Curious on how much these sweet toy aussie puppies are?  Check out our pricing.

MarLoWin Toy Aussie Puppies for Sale - Be the first to Choose

In life it always pays to get ahead of everyone else.  Place a deposit to be first in line to pick your toy aussie or mini aussie puppy at MarLoWin Aussies.  Our deposits are refundable until you choose a puppy.  Check out our deposit policy.

In this day and age, we seem to do do everything online.  We love to talk to you in person, but if corresponding via email or text is better we understand.  I have added a PAYPAL button to make it easier to make a deposit, but by no means do you have to make the deposit that way. 

This is simply to make it easier for you.   Our deposit is $250 and once you choose a puppy it becomes non refundable.  Your toy aussie puppy must be paid for in full by eight weeks.  Whether you are picking up your toy aussie or mini aussie puppy in person or we are delivering it to you.  See our page on deposits.  Please call or email us for more information on any of the toy aussie puppies you see below. 

We look forward to working with you!  When you purchase a puppy from us you have a lifelong commitment to you and your pet.  We are your built in go to expert for things such as potty training, socializing and other things that may come up.