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Ruby X Kevlar - July 2016
Mia x Kevlar - July 2016
​Roxanne x Buckshot - August 2016

Gabby is a scrumptious little dumpling that is full of life. She is playful and loves to play and wrestle with other dogs.  Gabby  loves his belly rubbed and snuggling and watching a good movie on the couch. She loves watching Game of Thrones with us.  I expect her to finish around 10" and be in the 6 - 8 lb range.  Her momma is our Elle Mae and her daddy is our Kevlar.  She will be tiny enough to go anywhere  She is crate and 90% potty trained and sleeps all night. 

I offer a full health guarantee; her parents are are tested which makes him clear for MDR-1, PRA, DM nd H/C! This ensures a healthy puppy and life-long companion for you and your family.

ASDR registerable.

Kitty is quite the looker! She is a black bi and is utterly adorable & unique markings.   She has a soft long coat that is to die for. And that face! Kitty has a symphony of white from his snout, up his face in the shape of an hourglass, connecting to a tuxedo chest. Kitty is the first out the door and has great fun, she is outgoing and charming and will be the type of dog that likes to play fetch, chase birds and play with sticks. I estimate her size to be 10" and about 7 pounds when finished. 

I offer a full health guarantee; her parents are tested which makes her clear for PRA-prcd, MDR-1, H/C and DM.  She will have her eyes CERF'd on August 11th.  This ensures a healthy puppy and life-long companion for you and your family. ASDR Registrable.

Our Pricing 

Our males and female Merle puppies start at $1250

Tri Colored:

Our males and females start at $850 

We are happy to give our returning customers a 10% discount . 
And as a small "thank you", we are happy to give 10% discount to military families! 

MarLoWin Aussies is among the top toy and miniature australian shepherd breeders the United States.  Our toy and miniature australian shepherds compete in conformation, rally, agility and herding.  Our miniature australian shepherds compete in herding, agility, rally and conformation.

Toy and Miniature Aussie Puppies Available

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MarLoWin Aussies is a DNA Verified Breeder

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Marlowin Toy Aussie Puppies

MarLoWin Toy Aussie puppies are raised in our home and as a part of our family.   We have outstanding aussie puppies for sale in Kentucky, located just outside Owensboro, Ky.

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 A deposit of $200 gives you advance pick of an upcoming litter.  We have several deposits on our upcoming litters. I would suggest that you put down a deposit if you are considering getting one of our Toy Aussies. This will insure that you are able to get the color and gender that you are wanting.

 If you do not have a deposit in place but let me know you want a puppy, then I will hold that puppy for two days in order for you to make a deposit.  Deposits are accepted thru PayPal, Visa/MasterCard or Check.  If I have not received your deposit within two days then the puppy becomes available to the next person who has expressed interest.

Shipping - Shipping is available through our Pet Nanny.   Shipping runs around $325

Two puppies can ship for the same price