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The two gorgeous girls above are my nieces Erin and Kyndal.  Kyndal is holding her toy aussie Keeper.  Kyndal shows Keeper and also helps show some of my other toy and mini.

Toy Aussies and Mini Aussies are high versatile and adaptable pets.  Socialization is the key to making sure your toy aussies or mini aussie is good with kids and other pets. 

What do I mean by this?  If you have kids and other pets when you get your toy or mini aussie then I feel that they will be excellent with them.  They become familiar with what they are introduced to or raised with. 

If you are a young couple or an individual who does not have kids and other pets, then you want to make sure you socialize them with both.  I highly recommend an area obedience class for all puppies.  I take my puppies to them, honestly more for the socialization than the obedience.  An obedience class gives your puppy the opportunity to be introduced to different breeds and people.   If you do not have classes in your area, look for a Rural King or Tractor Supply or another Farm Store.  Generally these types of stores are pet friendly and you can walk around and people will generally ask to pet your puppy.

Although not all of my puppies are AKC registered, the American Kennel Club is a great source of training classes and information on socializing and training your puppy.  Keep in mind that you do not have to register your puppy with AKC to use their resources.

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All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"
toy aussies with kids

How are Toy Aussies with kids and pets