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toy aussie studs

We do upon occasion stud out our toy and mini aussie boys.  We spend a lot of time and money in testing and showing our boys and we believe they are at the top of their game. 

We offer "Live Cover" which includes boarding the female at our facility and guarantees you apregnant female or a re-breeding within a year of original breeding to the same female.  Please contact us when your female comes into heat on the first day andbook to bring her to us around day 5-7.  
If you plan on breeding your female to one of our studs and she will be staying with us during the time, please be sure to have all your female's shots.  We ask that you bring proof of these vaccinations with you. 

We offer progesterone testing and artificial insemination services for those females that may not be able to be bred due to size.

There is an additional fee for those services.    We also offer "Cooled Semen" shipping.  The shipping charge for the cooled ship semen usually runs around $125.00 weekday. This covers the shipping cost, the shipping container/supplies and collection.   We no longer offer our stud service for the pick of the litter!  Please read over our STUD CONTRACT and let us know if you have any questions.  You will need to fill out the stud contract and give us a copy of your female's registration papers and bring us a copy of her current vaccination/worming records ​We will ask to see a copy of your registration paperwork on your dog.
​We will also ask to see pictures of your female.  We breed to improve the breed standard and applies to breeding our male to your female. 

​We will also ask for proof of what genetic testing your female is clear on.

Our Stud Fees are as follows and are payable before breeding or Shipping Chilled Semen.​

Kevlar $1000
Brody $750
Remington $750
Luke $750

If we are shipping "Chilled Semen", the $125 for weekday shipping is on top of the fee above.

blue merle mini aussie for sale who likes to herd geese

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