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Toy and Mini Aussies.  The toy aussies and mini aussies have become a very popular breed in the last decade.  This versatile little breed is taking the world by storm.  Each individual dog has vary degrees of each trait, whether it be their love for play or loyalty for their family.  The temperament of the toy aussie is a blend of nature

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All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"

and nurture.  Our aussies are chose to exhibit good temperment.  If one exhibits traits that we do not like, then they are spayed/neutered and placed in a pet home.  First and foremost to us is the correct conformation and temperament of the aussies.   With that being said, any puppy that you get whether a toy or mini aussie or not needs certain tools that you can provide to succeed. 

Obedience class;

Socialitzation; and

Continued health care (Vacinnations, Yearly Exams, etc.)

As responsible breeders, one of our most important jobs is to match the  puppies personality to a new family and home. By telling us a bit about yourselves and your family wants and needs, we will be able to help you adopt your new best friend.  Don’t let the color or markings of a puppy be your only guiding factor. Our goal is to have dogs loving their family and the family loving their dog.
The toy and mini australian shepherds are loyal and can be protective of their families.  Proper socialization is again important for the aussies.  Making sure they are properly socialized as puppies will make for a happy and health adult toy or mini aussie.

For your puppies safety, start leash training at home before you venture out. Introduce them to as many new people as possible. Start your puppy on crate training.  The crate is not to be used as a punishment, but as a "happy" place.  Having your aussie accustomed to the crate will mean that when they have to go to the vet or be boarded if you go on a trip that they will have a more positive experience.  Instead of feeling they are being punished.  They should be exposed to all types of situations outside their home environment.

A fenced yard will be a benefit for your toy and mini aussie.  They love a good game of Frisbee or fetch with tennis balls.  
Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds are sensitive dogs. They respond as a puppy better to positive reinforcement.  A heavy hand with these dogs can have the opposite effect of what you are wanting.

If you are still thinking you want a miniature or toy Australian shepherd or even one of the smaller teacups, then Congratulations.  I truly cannot say enough about my love for this breed.  I would love to work with you on picking out the puppy that is right with you.

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The Toy Aussie and Mini Aussie as a Breed