MarLoWin Aussies
All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"

What is Lifetime Commitment?

My Lifetime Commitment!

​My Lifetime Commitment to you means two things. 

​You have Lifetime Breeder Support.

I encourage each and every puppy family that we have to stay in touch with us.  Your feedback provides us with very important information on how we are doing our job.  What type of aussie are we producing.  Whether you have a pet puppy or a show/breeding prospect from us we want to be there for you.  We encourage you to post on our Facebook page, and to make friends with other puppy parents.

You have Lifetime Return Policy.

​If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy, then we want to hear from you.  It is my sincere hope that your puppy will be with you for their lifetime, but I do know that things happen.  We are there for you to help you find the best solution for your puppy. 

​All of our puppy parents and familys hold a special place in our heart.  We hope to share the good times and bad times too if something happens.

​This is our Lifetime Commitment to You and our puppies!

My Lifetime committment