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Toy and Mini Aussie Color Combinations

Screech, Summer and Ruby are all red tris.

All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"

Willie Nellie, Addison and Maggie are all black tris.

Brody is a blue merle toy aussie.

So if black and red are the two colors of aussies, where do merles come from?  Merling is a gene that dilutes the color of the black and red to form the pretty color combinations that you can get.  OK, that is my easy answer there is a whole lot of science to consider.  Please visit the ashgi site for more information.

Willie Nellie, Addison and Maggie are all black bis (meaning only black and white.

Kevlar, Brody and Shiloh are all blue merles.

Breeding is kinda like doing chemistry.  You have a little bit of this and a little bit of that from the mom and dad, the pups percolate a little bit and tada!

​You just never know, we make our plans based on what colors and conformations we think we will get.  The picture bellows shows the possible color combinations based on what the parents have. 

​A lot of the pictures and illustrations have been borrowed from other sites.  I wish I was talented enough to put together some of these but alas I am not.

Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds are all either black or red. Black is the domainate gene, red is always the ressive gene. Each parent contributes one copy of the 2 markers that determine the color of the puppy. Since red is the ressive gene the red puppies have 2 copies of the ressive color code. However, as you can see from the chart at the left, if you have one copy of black and one copy of red you could have a red factorded black dog. The red dots indicate that the resulting puppy could carry the red factor or one copy of the red gene.  So, where do merles come from?

​In the illustrations below.  If the parent is red factored you see a red dot over top.  The second column indicates the possible outcome based on the colors of the parents.