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Hi there!  If you are looking for toy aussie puppies for sale, you are in the right place.   My husband Stephen and I have been breeding the tiny version of the wonderful Australian Shepherd for several years.   If you have been searching for an addition to your family but have not yet found the right breed, let us share with you why we fell in love and feel that the Teacup, Toy, and Miniature Australian Shepherds are the best.  My husband and I started our love affair with our aussies with our first girl that we purchased from Lani Morris at Herd About Toy Aussies.  We believe that there is no comparison to the temperament, intelligence and loyalty of the australian shepherd no matter what their size.  Our dogs are a part of our family and are handled daily.   We test for a variety of genetic disorders thru Paw Print Genetics.  We breed for the "True Aussie" type just shrunken down with temperament, breed standard and great health and attitude being our top priorities.  We guarantee our puppies to come to you healthly, well loved and ready to join your family.

 Trivia about the Mini Aussies

The Australian Shepherd despite its name is not from Australia.   Rather, Australian Shepherds are incredibly beautiful, intelligent, agile and obedient dogs. They were originally bred in the western U.S. (despite their name) as herding dogs and quickly became a favorite among ranchers due to their quick wit and people-pleasing characteristics. In the past decade, the mini aussies have quickly become a favorite household pet.  The Teacup, Toy and Miniature versions offer the same qualities as the Standard Australian Shepherds just in a smaller package.  We cannot say enough about the versatility and loving toy and mini aussies that we share our home and lives with.  Like all working breeds, Aussies have considerable energy and drive and usually need a job to keep them occupied. They often excel at dog sports such as dog agility and frisbee and are also highly successful as search and rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. They are considered the 17th-most popular dog breed in the United States.

We offer delivery to all of the US and are happy to work with those outside of the US.   We enjoy traveling and will work with you to bring your aussie to you to the nearest airport that is easily accessible for us.  We can also work with you to meet you within two hours of our home. 

Once you have a toy or miniature Australian Shepherd you will wonder how you did without one. 

toy aussie puppies for sale

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All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"

toy aussie puppies for sale

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