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Our toy aussie contract is toy aussie contract

All the intelligence, loyalty and versatility you expect in an Aussie only in a "Smaller Package"
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AKC Registered Miniature American Shepherd Puppies

About Our Contract

our toy aussie contract

HI.  Our contract is pretty straight forward.  We take the health and well being of our aussies serious.  When I sell a puppy whether it is in a breeding/show home environment or as a companion puppy I am striving to produce the best puppy that I can.

​We screen our adults before they are placed in our program.   We are happy to provide documentation regarding the testing that we do on the parents of a puppy you are looking at. 
​If you are looking at an additional test that we do not run, then we will work with you at the buyer's expense to run the requested test.
​A contract is only as good as the person who stands behind it.  You will find my standard contract below.  This contract may vary based on circumstances pertaining to each dog/puppy.
Unless specifically specified Breeding Rights are not given!
mini aussie puppies for sale in kentucky toy aussie breeders
ASDR Registered Miniature Australian Shepherds
​ASDR Registered Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

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​MarLoWin Aussies

Thank you for your purchase of one of our Toy or Mini Aussie puppies.  We take great pride in the care that we provide to our puppies before they leave our homes. 

Seller, Tina Winston of MarLoWin Aussies and Buyer, ______________________ enter into this contract under the following binding agreement.  A deposit of $250 is required to hold your puppy until he/she is ready to go to their new home.  If your puppy is being transported to me, then the balance is due before the puppy leaves my house.  If you are picking up your puppy at my house, then you may pay at time of pickup the remainder of the monies due for the puppy.

Seller and Buyer agree that the above referenced puppy is a purebred Toy/Miniature Australian Shepherd and is being sold as pet/companion quality. 

Our puppies come to you current on shots and with a copy of their veterinary records.  Buyer must also insure that the puppy will continue to receive age appropriate vaccinations, such as, but not limited to: distemper, parvo.     We guarantee that the puppy is in good health on the date of delivery and free of communicable diseases.  Buyer has 72 hours to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian for general health from date of this contract.  Buyer agrees to notify Seller within 48 hours of that examination if puppy does not pass general health exam.  Minor, treatable problems such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, parasites, etc. are common problems in puppies especially under stress of new circumstances and are not covered under this warranty.

MarLoWin Aussies warranties this puppy to be free from genetic defects that we test for HC, PRA, DM and others such as hip dysplasia, deafness, serious eye defect that would prevent the puppy from being a companion animal.  If puppy is found to have any such defect, written verification from a licensed veterinarian is required.  In the unlikely event, verification would need to come from a veterinarian that is board certified in the area of expertise, i.e. genetic eye deformity then written verification must come from a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.  If such a defect is found, Seller will refund the purchase price of the puppy or give a replacement puppy will be given at the Seller’s discretion.

Naming Your Puppy  I do require MarLoWin at the beginning of your puppies’ name. The remainder is left up to as long as it is in good taste.  Good luck thinking up a name, I have found that each puppy is unique and it is fun being creative with their names.  I look forward to hearing from you and watching your puppy grow.  I hope that we can stay in contact. 

Registration  Seller will register the puppy with American Stock Dog Registry.  MarLoWin Aussies are registered with American Stock Dog Registry ("ASDR").   The Buyer shall not register the puppy with AKC as the new breed Miniature American Shepherd without the expressed written consent of MarLoWin Aussies.   Because the parties recognnize that precise damages for breach of this provision might be difficult to ascertain, the parties hereby agree that the Buyer will be liable for damages in the amount of Two Thousand Dollars ($2000) in the event of any breach by the Buyer of this provision of the Contract.

Breeding.  MarLoWin Aussies reserves the right choose who we give breeding rights to on our puppies.  Unless it is expressly stated,  the puppy that you purchase will be sold as a companion animal only.  You will receive Limited Registration from ASDR.  MarLoWin Aussies goes to great lengths to screen and select the Aussies that we add to our program.     The puppy shall not be bred unless it shall first (1) be purchased with breeding rights; if purchased with breeding rights then the puppy 

Unable to Keep - If for any reason you are unable to keep this puppy and you are selling or rehoming the puppy, the Buyer shall so notify the Seller and give the Seller the option to purchase the puppy back at original purchase price.  

It is our sincere intention that none of our dogs are ever taken to a shelter.  If at any time in the future, you cannot keep this puppy/dog, MarLoWin Aussies will assist you in find a new home for your pet.

Buyer’s Printed Name __________________________________________________
Buyer’s Signature _____________________________________________________
Buyer’s Full Address ___________________________________________________

Seller’s Printed Name:   Tina Winston
Seller’s Signature: _____________________________________________________
Seller’s Address:   P.O. Box 187, Philpot, Kentucky 42366


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